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SP Page Builder (Pro)

Updated Last: 19 July 2024


Audio addon of SP Page Builder is there to add your audio mp3 file to your website. This addon delivers you a totally hassle-free way of adding audio files to your website. You just have to upload your mp3 file or OGG file of your audio and the rest will be done by the awesome SP Page Builder. 

How to Add an Audio Addon

You can add the Audio addon to your page from the SP Page Builder sidebar. Simply drag the addon from the Addons panel and drop it on the section of the page where you want to add an Audio Addon.

Audio Settings

Click on the Audio addon you’ve added to your page to open the addon inline editor. You can access the addon settings from there and customize the audio addon to fit your needs. 

SP Page Builder 4.0


The Audio settings let you upload and use the primary settings of your Audio Addon. The Audio settings tab contains the following settings:


  • MP3: Use the SP Page Builder media manager to upload the mp3 file you want to add. SP Page Builder will get the URL of your mp3 file and put it where you want.
  • OGG: You can also upload an OGG file of your audio. Use the SP Page Builder media manager to upload the OGG file of your audio. You just have to upload any one of the types.
  • Autoplay: If enabled, the audio will be playing automatically immediately after the site loads. If you don’t want it, leave it disabled.
  • Repeat Track: If the option is set to ‘Yes’ the audio will keep repeating. Select ‘No’ if you want otherwise.


Use this tab to add a title to the section you just added with the addon.

  • Title: Add a title on top of your Audio Addon. Also, edit your HTML element, and set the Margin for your title.
  • Color: Set your preferred color of the added title. Learn more about color settings here.
  • Typography: Edit your title Font, Size, etc in this tab. Learn more about settings here.