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SP Page Builder (Pro)

Updated Last: 14 June 2024


SP Page Builder has support for integrations with Joomla Article and SP Simple Portfolio. 

To enable the Joomla Article and SP Simple Portfolio integration, go to the dashboard of SP Page Builder. Navigate to Integrations and simply enable the integration you want to use. 

SP Page Builder integrations

Joomla Article Integration

When you enable the Joomla Article integration, you’ll see the option to edit the article with SP Page Builder.

If you want to use SP Page Builder as the editor mode to edit your Joomla articles, enable it. Then give your article a title and save it to start editing it with SP Page Builder. You can edit your Joomla articles with SP Page Builder both from the frontend editor and the backend editor.

Please note that intro text must be added in Classic mode, SPPB cannot be used for this.

SPPB mode can be used only for a single detail article view. It cannot be used for categories!

Notice! Content of SPPB addons from articles is stored in SPPB tables, not inside the article content table (MySQL).

SP Simple Portfolio Integration

When you enable the SP Simple Portfolio integration, you’ll see the option to edit the portfolio items with SP Page Builder. 

SP Page Builder 4.0 Integrations

To do that, 

  1. Go into SP Simple Portfolio (admin area) - Items
  2. Now you should be able to see a button "Edit with SP Page Builder" inside each item (look at the below screenshot)
  3. When you click on the button you would be redirected to the edit mode, you should be logged in to be able to edit the Item description.
  4. By default, there is no content inside the Item description. You start from scratch (empty page). The description added in SP Simple Portfolio (in a classic way) is not displayed there.  
  5. You can use Rows, Columns, and all addons.