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Updated Last: 19 April 2024

How to Override SP Page Builder Addons

To prevent the changes made in the addon file(s) from being overwritten when updating the component, we suggest using the following method. 

  1. Create those folders inside your template folder:  templates\shaper_NAME\sppagebuilder\addons\
    "shaper_NAME"  is just an example, you have to use your real template folder name. It can be: shaper_helixultimateshaper_doctor or shaper_helix3 etc.
  2. Then inside newly created folders copy the addon folder, for example:


    inside must be site.php or/and admin.php file that you want to customize (add changes).

  3. Then Joomla will use those files first before using the addon from a component folder. It means that you can update the SP Page Builder and your customization will be used.