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SP Page Builder (Pro)

Updated Last: 14 June 2024


The alert is a text box containing a specific message. There are different types of alerts according to the type of message it is going to deliver. With the SP Page Page Builder alert addon you can easily set up an alert on your website. 

How to Add an Alert Addon?

You can add an Alert addon to your page from the SP Page Builder sidebar. Simply drag the addon from the Addons panel and drop it on the section of the page where you want to add an alert.

Alert Settings

When you click on the Alert addon, the addon inline editor will open up. You can access the addon settings from there. 

SP Page Builder 4.0

Alert Content: Use this editor field to enter your alert content here. You can also enter media files in the content field. So, arrange your content in your desired way using this content field.

Alert Style: There are four different types of alert styles are there. Each style contains a different significance. Select your desired one from the drop-down list of alert styles.

Close Button: With the close button, the alert will be closed. Enable this option if you want to show the close button, leave this disabled if you don’t.