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SP Page Builder (Pro) 4.x

Updated Last: 03 March 2023

Getting Started

SP Page Builder 4 is a fully visual drag & drop page builder for Joomla 3.10 and Joomla 4. Create beautiful pages through live editing with the powerful drag & drop front-end page builder where everything is instant and visual. Manage pages, add-ons, integrations, and settings right from the front end!  It's a visual layout tool to help you build layouts and add content for new pages and articles (after integration is enabled). The content editor interface lets you do so much more than what’s currently possible with the default Joomla features based mostly on modules. It allows you to separate your page builder from your template and get complete control of your content.

The component can be used with almost any Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 template. And yes, you can switch templates without losing your content and used design, colors, and images. The Pro version comes with pre-made page templates and premade sections (rows) to help you get started. 

SPPB 4 is the successor of the 3x version. This means you can use it by updating the current version.

Notice! SP Page Builder can be used to edit content built using that extension. It cannot edit layouts made before, based on components, modules, or custom HTML structures.  SPPB can be used also to edit Joomla Core articles, read more in the Integrations section.

We don't offer content migration tools between different Page Builders or content from current (old) articles.

If you still have Joomla 3.10 with SP Page Builder installed - yes, you can upgrade to Joomla 4.x - in case of warnings during Joomla Upgrade Tester with SPPB plugins - just ignore them and go ahead.

SP Page Builder Versions

SPPB comes in different versions:

  • SPPB Lite is a free Joomla extension. It includes SPPB's main functionalities, enabling users to build sites with drag and drop capabilities.
  • SPPB Pro is a paid version that adds a number of advanced features, addons and options not found in the free version. It substantially increases and improves the tools available to professional web creators. It gives you access also to Layout Bundles and Pre-made blocks.