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SP Page Builder (Pro) 4.x

Updated Last: 03 March 2023


When you click on the SP Page Builder component from the Dashboard, this will take you to the following onboarding window with some quick access to SP Page Builder settings, documentation, support, and more. 

SP Page Builder 4.0 First Look

The SP Page Builder dashboard will undoubtedly boost your productivity. Taking a modern approach, your favorite Joomla page builder has an intuitive and organized front-end dashboard where everything is manageable from one spot. 

Get Started: This will take you to the SP Page Builder Dashboard from where you can access and manage your website pages, addons, integrations, languages, upload customs icons, and other handy settings. 

Create a new Page: This will take you to the new page creation interface to add new pages to your Joomla site.

Settings: This will take you to the Settings panel of SP Page Builder for easier access to page builder settings and customization. 

Documentation: This will take you to the Documentation of SP Page Builder on JoomShaper’s website to help you get a guided start. 

Support: This will take you to the support forum of SP Page Builder so that you can get easier access to the support.