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SP Page Builder (Pro) 4.x

Updated Last: 03 March 2023

Media Manager

The SP Page Builder Media Manager lets you manage and control your media files with ease.

You can access Media from the frontend sidebar editor of SP Page Builder. When you open the Media tab, you can upload, access, and manage all your media files. 

Upload Media Files

SP Page Builder 4.0

You can upload images to the media manager by clicking the Upload File button. This will take you to your file manager from where you have to select which media file you want to upload.

Easily rename or delete an image by simply clicking on the vertical three dots icon beside each image. You can also search for a specific media using the search field or filter files by date. 

Media File Listing

You must have to upload different types of media files for the sake of your website. All the files are listed and sorted into their respective category so that you can easily get access to them.

Organize Through Folders

SP Page Builder 4.0

You can also create folders and organize your website images for ease of use and quick access.